I’m not feeling proud about my post yesterday- the title alone makes my stomach turn, to be honest.

For years now, I’ve struggled with people venting or ranting to me. It stresses me out and makes me feel like their anger is directed at me.

I’ve told numerous people this while they’re ranting- but it’s not always well-received.

I don’t know why I’m so sensitive and why it bothers me so much.

I realized after writing yesterday, that my thoughts and actions have not been very kind.

As much as people do cruddy things (in my eyes), I do believe that a high percentage of people are not bad- even if their actions are.

I think many of these souls have been hurt and are scared. I believe most of their actions are driven by self-hatred and/or fear.

They probably need love more than most of us.

I like to call myself a lightworker- actively trying to spread the light.

My post yesterday felt as though I’ve given up on the broken ones.

I haven’t, and have an enormous amount of compassion for them on most days.

Sometimes it gets to be too much and I close my heart up.

I’m getting a lot better with not taking these things personally, but I really need to remember that even the worst actions come from a place of fear.

I need to learn to accept and love everyone – regardless of where they’re at on this life journey.

And I will ❤️