Bad Caturday

It’s days like today that are the worst, along with last night.

I came across a story a few months ago, about a young child lost in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. My memory is awful- so some of this might be incorrect information, so I apologize if that’s the case.

He was with his family and wandered off a little too far. His dad frantically searched, and more people joined in, but the child was never found. The night he went missing, it poured and there was flooding in the area. I thought that was so sad, and couldn’t imagine having a child lost and alone out in weather like that, let alone lost at all.

Last night it poured, huge raindrops illuminated in super bright lightning strikes, followed by the loudest of thunder.

I couldn’t stop wondering about Milo- hoping he had shelter. There was so much rain, I worried about him keeping dry. And the thunder.. since Milo had been found and brought back home when he went missing before, he seems to really hate loud noises. I don’t think he was like that before he got lost in 2014. He must’ve been absolutely terrified of the thunder last night- and again today. I hope that he found a person to take him in.

His CT scan appointment is on Wednesday, four days from now. I called the clinic on Friday to cancel. I wanted to give them enough time to fill the spot, with hopefully someone on the cancellation list, like we once were. When I explained why I was cancelling, she asked if I was sure I didn’t want to wait to see if he came home. I told her that it would be great to have the weekend, and that I’d call on Monday.

I hated to make that call, and was so grateful that we get a few more days of hope. That’s a little good news at least.

If you’re reading this, please send prayers, positive thoughts and vibes, visualizations, etc my way! There is definitely power in prayer (or thoughts) !

Milo come home!

Come home Milo!