Detox Day 33

Today’s been a little better. It started out super slow and painful, but you know what? I didn’t eat. Not yet anyway, and it’s after 5pm. I would like to fast, at least for 24 hours, but honestly I just don’t have it in me– not today anyway. I did make a vow last night to eat better- at least less fats. Last night I finished the small container of dairy/gluten free ice cream I started the night before. I owe it to myself to try everything before resorting to going back on meds. And I can’t keep living like this– not with going back to work anyways-I can barely move at times 😬

I took today very slow. I woke up and iced my foot, then talked on the phone and didn’t walk until I’d been up for a couple hours. Now that it’s later in the summer, days aren’t as hot and I can walk the dog later. My foot hurt and I only was able to walk 1.5 miles.

I laid around for awhile after getting home, and finally got around to making celery and lemon juice around 11:00. I didn’t finish the celery juice until after 2pm then had to take my son to his orthodontist appointment. When I got home I took a nap. When I woke up I felt the best I’ve felt in a day or two. I’m now drinking the heavy metal detox smoothie and it’s after 5.

I may or may not eat later on. If I do, I plan to have a baked potato with spinach, a little dressing or salsa and maybe cauliflower rice. I might have the liver rescue smoothie instead. If I’m feeling extra hungry, I might do both.

Yesterday was a long and emotional day, and the stress may have contributed to feeling bad. I got up early so I could juice celery and do the cleanse (the other drinks were already made). I walked and started the cleanse when I got back. I took the smoothie with me and drove to pack up my classroom. I was emotional on the way there- which was a foreign feeling for me leaving a job. I think I’ve ran from every other job I quit! This job is different- and I’m different- no longer running from stressful relationships. In the nine years I’ve been there, I’ve changed SO much. I lost my mom, accepted and dealt with my alcoholism and in a nutshell-I grew up.

I didn’t have a ton of things to pack, but still it was a lot of work for my healing body. Afterwards, I had to get to the airport to pick up my niece. I had go back a few hours later to get my own kiddo- but hubby was out of work and drove- and I was grateful to just ride.

It’s starting to hurt typing this up, so I’ll leave it as that.

Tomorrow will be even better- I know it! ❤