Abraham Day

A great day indeed!!

Our hotel does not have a fridge or microwave (what the heck Hilton?), so I’ve really been having to eat out & ate some bad food (AKA dairy & gluten and on second thought the delicious chocolate muffins I had with my breakfast probably had eggs).

What else would you expect to see in the window of the location of a spiritual convention the morning of?

I was up early and wanted to be quiet for sleeping hubby, so I started my morning with wall (window 😭) sits, a full body reiki session (long overdue) and a medical medium meditation on fear. It felt good to just BE, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve done those kind of things.

The meditation on fear (it was about overcoming fear to cross the bridge to connect with the inner self) resonates with me big time. I listened to it Friday morning on my walk, but couldn’t close my eyes and do the visualizing while walking.

This time I did. As the bridge crumbled behind me & there was no turning back, I thought of my disease and healing journey. It was a direct parody and I could see it now so clearly. So many times I looked back, with fear, and then more fear when looking ahead into the unknown. This clarity gave me peace and trust, that my inner self is guiding me and I’m on the right path. (Meditation linked below).

I also had clarity this morning regarding a job interview I have on Monday. I found out about it on the way down and have been feeling all the feels since. Since gaining this clarity, I feel much more confident and calm about it, regardless of the outcome 🙏🏻

The Abraham workshop was long, but interesting. The only unusual thing to note was a ton of nervous energy I had going into it. My nerves eventually subsided, but I was and still am perplexed by how I felt. I think I expected to feel the exact opposite.

For a little summary, here’s what I posted in a Facebook group, responding to the question below:

For those of you that attended the Chicago workshop – what spoke to you the most?!

The man who declared his frustration w/the medical field resonated and while I thought my question would be answered through him- it caused me more confusion untiI I was able to sit with it for awhile. He was frustrated that they didn’t diagnose him- while I’ve been super frustrated at the diagnosis of an (I almost typed MY- it is not my disease- still need to get this belief out of my head!) autoimmune disease 8 years ago. Through life experience & research, I’ve learned that the diagnosis is based on symptoms alone and that they are symptoms that I can heal with diet. I’m mad that my rheumatologist doesn’t have this knowledge and that I bought into it. I guess after hearing that guy, I realize that diagnosis or no diagnosis IT DOESNT MATTER. I guess the diagnosis did give me lots and lots of things that I’m able to say is now in my vortex. Overall, I’m better off for it- and grateful where I’m at today. (I really loved the 13 yr old story- and love that she kept coming back to it – it was a good reminder to remember & honor our pure inner child – as well as to allow me to be better at allowing my own 13 year old son’s perspective)

After the workshop, hubby and I went back to our room and debriefed. While he isn’t nearly as much as a fan and believer like me, it was fun to discuss the stories, relate them to things in our life and talk about our perception of the validity of the ideas they spoke of.

A little bit later we went to a delicious Mexican restaurant for dinner. I had cheese and sour cream on my tostadas.

For most of the day yesterday, I didn’t feel much (if at all) worse physically from eating the things I’ve been trying hard to steer clear from.

By the time we got home, I could feel it. Most noticeable was the pain in my joints, especially my shoulders. I took Motrin before bed and woke up at 3:30 in agony. I couldn’t get comfortable and when I did it lasted for a minute before my shoulders would become stiff and cramp up again. I took M & T and then again when I woke up still sore at 7:30 (but I was able to sleep- such a blessing).

I’ve been off Enbrel for over 3 weeks now. I truly feel that being off it has helped me correlate my symptoms with food. My next goal is to not cheat on everything at once so I can see how each group affects me.

It’s now Sunday and we’re on our way home. I feel okay but am still taking pain meds every 4 hours 😬 to avoid massive soreness. I’m looking forward to being home and having eating be easy ☺️

Sadly, I’m out of celery and cilantro so I don’t think I’ll be able to cleanse tomorrow. I’m okay with just eating clean. I’m not sure if I told you already, but I’ve also gained clarity that the swelling in my hands and feet is not due to my RA but it’s classic edema due to the massive out-flux and shifting of toxins. My lymphatic system is on overload and I may want to slow things down. I’m at least going to start incorporating the liver detox cleanse into my routine- maybe doing two days of the heavy metal detox smoothie and then two days of the liver cleanse smoothie – or maybe by adding it as an afternoon pick-me-up- not sure yet, I still need to consult my self and body on the matter 🙏🏻🦋

Happy Sunday Funday everyone- I hope you are having loads of fun 🎉🎉🎉


Detox Day 30- I am the Essence of Wellness

Woke up with foot slightly better than yesterday’s wake-up, but still had a rough walk. Went about 2.2 miles.

Had M & T at 6:30am, 11:30am, 3:30pm and going to try to hold off till bed. It was bad for a bit though – even when off it 😕

We our Chi Town bound!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

I want planning on volunteering for the hot seat, because my only unknown is all my swelling- and it was doing so good up until recently. Perhaps Abraham will have some wisdom for me.

Regardless of if I make it into the hot seat, I’m planning on getting lots of signs tomorrow, about this inflammation, and my course of life in general.

It’s been a long ride and we still have almost two hours. I brought some food and snacks, but I already cheated and added dairy creamer to my gas station coffee 🤷🏼‍♀️

I’m going to do the best that I can this weekend, but know it’s not going to be perfect.

This trip started out tricky. But we seem to be in the vortex again with a couple minor & major synchronicities 🙌🏻

Please wish me lots of healing thoughts. I’m tired of being sore and hobbling around on my huge foot ❤️‍🩹

Detox Day 29 – Cold Feet

Left foot is worse today than yesterday. Pain was about a 6 when walking on it this morning. I took M & T at 6:30 and again at 11:30am.

I hobbled around feeding the pets and then iced it at 7am. My dog whined at me the whole time. I figured I would take him to daycare if I couldn’t walk him, but after the ice a walk seemed easier than a drive and then holding an excited dog and also having to pick him up later.

Giving me the stink eye while I iced my foot

So we hobbled for 1.25 miles. Usually when I walk the foot ends up feeling better. Not this time- it was pretty excruciating for the whole walk.

I iced it again and found a compression sock. That seemed to help a ton.

My attitude is good. I made paleo cookies last night and had several before bed (they are small 🤷🏼‍♀️).

When returning from my walk I promised my body that I would do better. The fat in them isn’t good for cleansing out toxins. A short time ago, I would have been cursing my body and then throwing in the towel on all the efforts so far.

All foot problems aside, today has been an irritating day and nothing seems to be working right. I wanted to lay in bed and watch tv- but the remote wouldn’t work. It turned on the tv and controlled the volume just fine, but I couldn’t get to any of the apps.

Since hubby and I are leaving for the weekend, we wanted to stock the fridge for our kid who will be home. While I planned to go to the store with him, I didn’t plan on barely being able to walk- so I decided to put in a Shipt order instead (where you order and they deliver your groceries). Of course it kept logging me out, over and over again.

Can I get a redo???

It’s almost noon, and I have been so slow that I’m just now getting to step 3 of 3 of the daily cleanse- the smoothie. Thank goodness it was already made from yesterday and all I had to do was juice celery today.

My sister suggested I sage myself– and my house and I think that’s exactly what I need to do. Although, my foot is finally feeling better (to where I can almost walk without a limp- way less of a hobble though!), I finally got Shipt to work- and ordered lots of healthy stuff to pack tomorrow, and I’m now sitting in the warm sun- which has been long overdue.

Trying to forget about it.

Detox Day 28- Evolving Friendships and Mrs. Cranky Pants

Camping was fun, and pretty relaxing. I missed my cleansing routine on Monday and Tuesday and was eager to get back to it today.

I’ve really been Mrs. Cranky Pants since stopping my Wellbutrin a couple weeks ago. I really would like to not go back on it, but figure I will if this crabbiness doesn’t go away. I’m adding some supplements to help with moodiness. Also it was suggested to give myself natural “dopamine hits” when feeling down- like a quick workout- or music jam, etc. I thought of last Friday when I paused my movie to push myself to run for 20 minutes. I felt so happy afterwards- that was a dopamine hit- and I need more of that.

Someone else suggested that depression is a symptom of excess heavy metals in the brain. Doing this heavy metal cleanse will help to get them out- but it all takes tiiiiiiiiiiiiime………. and like everything else it’ll probably get worse before it gets better– so I’m hopeful that I’m on the right path.

I have some edibles and canna butter that I could ingest- and that would probably help- but again, I’m not even sure that using that is much better than the Wellbutrin. I’d like to get to the root cause- so I haven’t caved to weed yet. It’s been awhile and I honestly don’t miss what it brought to my life.

I’ve been thinking a lot about friends lately.

My very best and oldest friend wanted me to come up north and visit her this week. I told her it was a super busy week and I probably wouldn’t make it. I wish this wasn’t the case, I’d love to go up there. They just bought a new place and I saw it before they bought it, but would love to spend time up there helping her do whatever- or just hang out with her.

I felt a little guilty because I was spending it camping with another, much newer friend. We had these reservations since February and I couldn’t just bail out. I’d say our kids were looking forward to it too- but sadly that wasn’t the case with my youngest.

Our boys met during my son’s first grade year after moving to Novi. They weren’t in the same class, but somehow gravitated toward each other during recess and became friends. I think they were in the same class the next year, and started asking for playdates, which we (parents) happily obliged.

The boys remained close for many years, but have seemed to recently grown apart. At 13 & 14, they’re different kids with not as similar interests as before. For awhile now, when my son has friends over, or goes to their house, they’re from a different friend group altogether. It’s normal, I know, and okay, middle school is often like that and I didn’t always have consistent friends too.

The boys still get along, but it’s just not the same anymore. Camping was okay, but there was an obvious distance between them. Not all the time, they had laughs and fun and played games– but often times the friend was doing something with his older brother while my kid and I stayed back and played games- or did another activity.

But meanwhile, us moms have become closer. We didn’t used to hang out- but would chat for a long time at playdate drop offs. She’s a teacher too, and we have a lot in common. This past year we started getting our nails done together- which has been something that I’ve loved and always look forward to. We have many similar interests- and spent hours while camping talking about “holistic” type medicine like muscle testing (which is not at all like it sounds- it’s more like intuition information testing) and the power of hypnotherapy (she used this concept to birth her babies without medication- and it was fascinating to hear about- I wish I had the wherewithal back then to be more holistic), among other things.

So it was a great time, just a little sad with the realization that our boys have grown apart.

Part of the reason that my son was excited to get back home is that he had made plans to meet a few of his online friends in person for the first time today. These are friends who he met through an actual friend from his school.

Two out of three of them happen to be trangendered. This was only an issue because one of them, Sara (not real name), was going to stay the night. He’s never had a girl stay the night, and was confused when we had to talk about it.

Sara was born a boy (he changed his name) and still has a boy voice and boy parts, so my son didn’t think it was an issue at all. It wasn’t, but we had to talk through it. While talking about his friends and their preferences, we (hubby and I, who thank goodness are on the same page with this topic) asked about the proper pronouns to call his friends.

He was open and honest (as far as I know!) and I think it was appreciated because he later told us that his friends were excited that we were okay with them coming over and wanting to use the correct pronouns. He said that other parents weren’t okay with it, which made me incredibly sad. Our stance is that we really don’t care, as long as his friends are kind and respectful, the other stuff doesn’t matter.

I think these kids may have been friends prior to their changes and that might be why the parents are less accepting- which is understandable.

They arrived a couple hours ago and seem like a nice bunch- one from Walled Lake, one from White Lake and one from Waterford- I have ties in all three places so I enjoyed hearing about where they live and go to school.

I guess this is all why I’ve had friends on my mind all week- friendships are sometimes complicated to me.

Back to the cleanse. I wasn’t very sore camping, but am pretty darn sore today. I had (gluten and dairy free- but with organic cane sugar) ice cream before bed last night and wonder if that contributed. I took Motrin at 2:30am, then 6am and 12pm. I took Tylenol around 3pm, and now it’s 4pm and I’m thinking I need more Motrin 🤔😒

My shoulders, feet and hands are sore- worse in the shoulders right now. My shoulders haven’t been bad hardly at all lately, so boo!!! My foot was pretty bad when I got up to use the bathroom last night, felt just like the invisible stress fracture I was diagnosed with before getting diagnosed with RA.

I think it helped to take Motrin in the middle of the night, because it felt a bit better when I woke up- good enough for a 2.5 mile walk (after another dose of Motrin, of course).

That’s about it for my update. I’ll have three cleansing days, but then will have to miss two again when we’re in Chicago 😢😢

I am, however, SO excited to witness Abraham Hicks! I wasn’t going to try to get into the hot-seat, but if the pain continues I might see if they have any good information for me. I was thinking up until now that I’m on the right track, but all of this Motrin needed is bumming me out!

I’m also excited for a get-away with hubby. We always have a good time and seem to be in the “vortex” often when we get away. Things always work out for us in the most mysterious and wonderful ways, and it’s so addicting ❤

Here is a cute video from camping:

We only fed him because these babies kept coming up to us, they were so cute!

The night of 8/8 was a little odd. It also happened to be the peak of the Lions Gate Portal (crazy star energy).

First, the doorknob to our cabin completely broke and we couldn’t get the door to open, and we tried everything. It was after 10pm and there was no one in the park who we could call to fix it. So we spent the rest of the night crawling through the window to get in and out. It was especially fun during middle-of-the-night potty breaks! (it was a rustic cabin with no running water).

Then, around midnight, we were talking when my friend says, “I don’t want to alarm you, but there’s a raccoon right behind you.” We didn’t know it, but it was baby. An adult could be viscous- so it was creepy at first. We corralled him off the deck, but then another one came, then another then another.

My friend shared that she and her brother each had an orphaned baby raccoon as a pet when they were young. I think the Lions Gate made them attracted to her, lol. Either way, it was a strange night- one we’ll not soon forget!

Okay, my hand really hurts from typing. I’ll see you on day 29- almost to 30- woo hoo!!!! 🙌🎉✨😊

Detox Day 27

Woke up pretty painful, left foot was a 4-5. Took Motrin & Tylenol at 6am. Took excedrin at 1:00 for caffeine headache (hubby made STRONG coffee- did not agree with me 🤮) and again at 5:30 (headache).

Pain might be due to splurging on cookies before bed, though legal for me to eat.

Took a walk at 7:30 & feet much better by the end.

Packed all morning & arrived at campground around 4:30.

Should be able to stay away from dairy, gluten & eggs-brought plenty of food & the other mom is also dairy and gluten free.

Realized today that all this time I really should have been using fresh lemons for my lemon water- not pre-bought organic lemon juice. Oh well…. 🤦🏻‍♀️

I still feel like it’s helping.

Here is the view from our cabin:

That’s it for now! I’m not sure if I’ll have a chance to update till I get home, but I’ll try, especially if pain is much better or worse than usual.

Peace ☮️ 💖

Detox Day 26- Time to Celebrate!

Yesterday turned out to be an amazing day- despite my slow & painful wakeup due to gluten, eggs and/or dairy consumption- I presume.

Yesterday, I took an hour long nap after lunch, and woke up very groggy. I wasn’t anticipating having energy like the day before, but.. I had chicory root coffee, then real coffee, then I cleaned out my dresser and closet and purged two big trash bags full of clothes.

I intended on moving my plants outside afterward, but it started pouring, like really hard like a monsoon, so that was not going to happen. We talked about dinner and gave the dinner choice to our youngest, who is currently our only child because the oldest is on his trip.

“I want to go to the Golden Corral!” He wanted that or Hungry Howies pizza. The Golden Corral, if you don’t know, is an all-you-can eat buffet, with a ton of food choices– but not the highest quality food. We looked it up and found out that the dining room was open- something that hasn’t been a thing since Covid.

I knew that my food choices there would be limited- and the food is kind of crappy- so I told them that they should go and have a little date. They called my hubby’s brother who was happy to tag along. I would have the house to myself and was ecstatic about it.

I had to restock my celery and cilantro, so having to run out anyway, I ordered a gluten free chicken dinner from an upscale Chinese bistro by my house. Feeling slightly jealous of the boys’ gluttony, I decided to get a couple junky but legal things for me to have for dessert while at the store.

The store’s junky selection did not disappoint!

So, I got home and couldn’t find a movie that looked great, so I turned on “Brittany Runs a Marathon” to watch for a third time.

Boy do I love that movie!

About 20 minutes in, as I was finishing my dinner, I decided that I should try a quick running workout (Brittany motivates me 😁) And I did! Before eating the cheezecake (I haven’t even opened the Heavenly Hunks yet, but will soon!), I put on my tennis shoes and headed downstairs to attempt to run for as long as I could, which I didn’t know if it would be 2 minutes, or 20 minutes. I haven’t ran in quite a while, especially lately with my feet so fickle and tender.

I wanted to run for 20 minutes straight, and I did! I was so excited, you have no idea. I have that half marathon in April and wondering if I’d be able to run at all beforehand, and wondering how the heck I would train for it. This gave me such great motivation and excitement for April!

Then I had cheezecake and finished the movie, it was a great night 😊😊

Now the celebrating….

One of the biggest hurdles in this whole thing is wondering/thinking/worrying about my family thinking I’m crazy and/or stupid for all of this. They went through months of me having to be a super picky eater, all while seemingly to be getting sicker and sicker.

I asked my hubby yesterday if he has noticed a difference. He said that he has noticed that I’m doing better, even from last week (I had been comparing to last month- but the more I thought about it- he’s right).

Here’s all of the things I’m celebrating:

Way less NSAIDs. Yesterday, a tough start, started with 4 Motrins and 2 Tylenols, then I took 2 more Motrins around 7pm right before dinner. My hands were getting painful and it was hard to do certain things, but the 2 Motrins helped perfectly. Most days recently I’ve had just two doses and sometimes only Motrin not both medications. This is the first time I tried two instead of four tablets, but now will be more confident to keep cutting down. A month ago I was having to take four maximum doses of both medications- this his huge!

No icing recently. For awhile I was having to ice my hands a lot to help with pain and swelling. This was especially helpful when they hurt but I wasn’t due for pain meds yet. Icing helps, but it’s even better that I haven’t needed it.

Not sure if this is related to the detox, but I had a small white bump below my eye for the past year or so. I thought I’d have to get it removed from the dermatologist and have been meaning to make an appointment. The other day I realized that it has disappeared. Heavy metal toxicity causes weird skin things, so it wouldn’t surprise me if this detox helped get rid of it.

More energy.

Now for the best part.. something that I just realized after asking hubby if he notices the improvement.. I am now off all prescription medications! 👏👏👏 This is huge! 🎉🎉🎉Yesterday I missed my second injection of Enbrel, and plan to never look back. In fact, I never want to even mention it again.

I’m wondering, actually, if being off Enbrel is helping me gauge how food is affecting me. I can only imagine that it’s been masking some of my symptoms, so this is great.

Today, I will miss my nap. We went to watch my niece who is a Color Guard perform after lunch. I thought I’d take a quick nap afterwards, but something happened there that has me on edge.

We were there with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, when another couple who’s their friends came up to say hi and wait for the girls to get done. Their daughter is a close friend of my niece and they were both performing.

We were in bleachers and it’s like 90 degrees and super humid today. Out of nowhere, the man collapsed on the bleachers. My hubby, along with his wife and my BIL, helped to get him sitted. He said he was okay, but ended up passing out again. My SIL, called 911, but he woke up and insisted on walking out. My BIL walked in front of him down concrete stairs and I was terrified he was going to fall over again.

The paramedics were already there, so he couldn’t escape (I want to add that he is a super nice guy, but was just very embarrassed). They took his vitals and he went home, was seemingly okay. But, I’m still a little jumpy from it. I want to add that his guy looked perfectly fit and healthy- it’s crazy how he just went down out of nowhere.

I think missing my nap will be good today, I need to start phasing it out, or would like to try.

So now, I’m about to run to the grocery to get food and drinks for camping. Then hopefully I’ll get those darn plants moved- if not, it’s okay, I’ve done enough today lol.

Thank you for celebrating with me! I’m sometimes blown away when I think about it that I’m actually healing myself 🎉💖🌈

Detox Day 25- Ouch I did it Again

Last night for the first time in many days, I woke up from shoulder pain. My shoulders have been weak (and sore if I try to workout with dumbells), but I haven’t had the night pain in probably 1-2 weeks (which has been wonderful!).

I had a boxed meal that contained small amounts of dairy, gluten and egg last night, and so I suspect this is why. It’s like a chicken helper type meal, and my family really liked it last time I made it- so I just didn’t even think about the ingredients when I bought it. I ate some thinking that it was just a small amount, and even made myself alternative squash noodles to go with it to avoid the gluten in the noodles.

There was gluten and egg in the breading I used to coat the chicken and milk and whey in the alfredo sauce it came with. It was a good meal and I didn’t have energy to make myself an alternative meal, so I ate it thinking that it was just a small amount. I will not be eating any leftovers today.

I’m feeling really optimistic about where I’m headed- but these next few weeks have been weighing on my mind.

On Sunday, I leave for a camping trip with my youngest and some friends. We’ll be bringing and making all of our meals, so it should be easy for me to keep my diet compliant. I will not be able to do the cleansing protocol though, so after day 27 (Sunday), I’ll have to pause this cleanse until Wednesday, where I’ll pick up on day 28.

Two days later, hubby and I leave for Chicago. We will be eating out the whole time (we may get our room bumped up to include a kitchenette, but probably will still be eating out mostly- worse case is no kitchen, but we still should have a fridge for snacks/easy stuff). I don’t think it’ll be too hard to stick with the diet, hopefully, but I’ll again miss two days of the cleanse.

A week after that, we leave for a trip to the mountains. We rented a house, and I think I’m going to bring my juicer and blender, so I can try to keep up with the cleanse, at least on most or even some of the days.

So the next few weeks are going to be a little sketchy..

I guess that’s life. And I go back to work a few days after the mountain trip- so that’ll be a whole new ball game 🤔

I don’t know what I’ll do without my daily naps… my lunch break may need to include more sleeping than eating, idk… I guess I’ll take it one day at a time.

I’m optimistic at how well I’ve been feeling up until this morning/last night. That’s pretty darn good motivation to stay on course. After Tylenol and Motrin at 7am after waking up, I’m feeling much better. I probably should have just gotten up and taken something last night but was too stubborn. I took a slow two mile walk this morning, it took a lot of motivation to get out the door– my dog’s puppy eyes helped ❤

Yesterday I had Motrin twice and Tylenol once, that’s pretty good for me. Also, I received some supplements I had on order, so I started Lemon Balm, L-lysine and Cucurmin/Turmeric yesterday.

I’m not planning on having a super busy day today. I’m hoping to get some plants moved outside and maybe grocery shop for my trip on Sunday. It’s currently about 11 and I’m about half-way done with my smoothie. Then I’ll get moving.

Happy FriYay!!! 🎉💖✨

Detox Day 24- Miss. Diagnosed

It’s been a good day with more energy than usual, maybe because I slept in and didn’t workout- or maybe my body is less busy detoxing today, I’m not sure but I’ll take it!

Usually I have good energy up until lunch, then I crash. I’ll sleep like 30-60 minutes and wake up super groggy, and remain unenergetic up until bedtime. It’s frustrating because isn’t the point of a nap to re-energize? Today that actually happened, but again, maybe because I didn’t push myself so hard physically early in the day.

Since my “Change in Perspective” post, I’ve remained super optimistic. I recently joined some new groups on facebook made up of people on similar journeys and following Anthony William’s protocol. I’ve heard dozens of stories about people curing their RA, some who’ve had it for even longer than me.

I have no desire to identify as a person diagnosed with RA. While explaining this to people, I tell them that I’m healing myself to overcome some RA symptoms I have.

That’s what RA is, it’s a symptom- not a disease.

I keep thinking about the narrative when I was diagnosed over eight years ago.

“Your body is attacking itself. We don’t know why. It’s unkown. There’s no cure. You have to take medication or else your joints will become deformed. It’s progressive. Yes, you can die from the medication, but it’s your only option.”

Every single statement is utter bullshit. I know this sounds angry. I am not angry, I am incredibly relieved.

My body is not attacking itself. My body is defending itself, against a problem. I’m not positive what that problem is, but I have a pretty good idea– and with trial and error I will help my body defend itself, and rid myself of this problem, whether it’s an underlying virus, an imbalanced gut issue, heavy metal toxicity- or all of the above.

Eight years ago, I asked my rheumatologist if a change in diet would help my condition at all. “I’ve had some patients have success with cutting out sugar.” was her response.

What if she had suggested I look into an elimination diet? Even eight years ago, that was a fairly well-known way to improve symptoms. I know it because I researched and tried it, for a minute, and then my mom died suddenly and so did my drive to rid myself of the awful symptoms. I gave up. It would take all the way until this year to really put my heart and soul into it. It’s my fault- but I would have maybe been driven harder with support and confidence from the specialist who I considered the expert.

Up until recently, even doing the elimination diet, I thought of my symptoms as my body attacking itself. It was just after writing that post that my perspective is not that my body is attacking itself- but that it’s attacking a problem. A problem that I would have no idea how to address– if it weren’t for my own research and holistic and functional doctors.

This minor change in how I view my body and its symptoms is huge! And I think largely the reason why I’ve been so optimistic, even in severe pain.

I know that this healing will take time, lots of it. I thought that cutting out certain foods would bring me immediate relief, but I understand now that I need to undo years of illness, and I will. My body is f’in awesome and I’m now present to help it- not suppress it!

This is a huge fuck you to Western medicine. STOP telling your patients lies. I spent eight years as Miss. Diagnosed, and that was eight years too long! It’s time for the medical world to catch up with the truth of what’s going on. The sad truth is that funding is provided by the very companies that want to keep feeding us lies- like our body is at fault and they don’t know why.

And thank you body, for the good fight. Now that I’ve joined your side, we’ll fight this battle and together we will feel good again ❤

Detox Day 23 – Uneventful Day

Woke up with really sore feet (4/5), and I hobbled around for a little while until the med kicked in. Took Motrin & Tylenol at 6am, right after getting up.

Despite painful feet, I took a 3.3 mile walk 🎉 and then did a 30 min Peloton workout on the bike. Counting both workouts, I did over 10 miles 🎉 It may have taken me almost 2 hours, but I was proud that I got it done.

I grounded outside and then took some returns back at the Amazon drop off place.

Now I’m ready for a nap, lol. My feet are starting to hurt quite a bit again and I’m debating on when and what pain meds to take. They’re really fine if I don’t walk on them, so I’ll probably wait till I wake up from my nap.

I think I know why they’re extra bad today. I had a late dinner at Wendy’s and had fries, baked potato and chili. Then I ate too many brownies (gluten and dairy free but high fat) before bed and ended up going to bed abruptly with a bad stomach ache. I’m sure eating all that crap contributed! I’ve been drinking caffeine too, about 3 cups yesterday and the day before. I’m going to try to do better- especially with the junk food.

My family is going to a movie at 8:30 tonight- so I’ll probably drink coffee beforehand so I can stay awake- maybe even take a cup inside 🤷🏼‍♀️

I have to drop my kiddo off at the airport tomorrow and am not looking forward to him leaving. He’s never been so far for so long, unless with immediate family, and I’m struggling with this. He is 19 for crying out loud! 🤦🏻‍♀️. He is diabetic though, and will always be my baby and while I’m not so much worried about him- I’m just mainly going to miss him so much.

******* Ok- naptime is over. I took 4 Motrin because, well, ouch. I slept for about an hour and then a few more minutes so hopefully I can stay awake during the movie tonight. Currently drinking chicory root slow roast, but going to turn it over to some caffeine later.

That’s about all for day 23.. no news is good news I guess 👌

Detox Day 22- Less NSAIDs

They say it takes 45-50 days to detox from heavy metals- that means I could be about half-way there!!

Today was good. I felt useful. I babysat my nephew and took my niece and her boyfriend to the airport. I have to go back on Thursday to drop off my son.

I had a nightmare last night- which is super rare for me. A disturbed young man was rustling through my bedroom and cussing while he was looking for something. My son sold him a gun (he does not own one, no one in our house does) and he was pointing it at my head with crazy eyes. I told him to please stop and guns bother me, but he continued and I was pretty sure he was going to kill me. I think the dream was brought on about anxieties about my kiddo leaving for 10 days.

I didn’t sleep well last night, but not due to pain. I had a few cups of coffee yesterday, which might be the reason. I was bad about caffeine today too, but had a lot to do and was so groggy, even after a decent nap.

I didn’t eat perfect, but didn’t have any level one or level two foods (basically dairy, gluten, eggs, pork, tuna, soft drinks).

I took Motrin at 7am, and then Tylenol at 11am. Since I was debating on the first dose, I decided to just do Motrin, not the two. But I was getting a little achy all over after a few hours, so then I took Tylenol. Its now 9pm and I’ve had one dose of each. I’m not sure if I’ll take anything before bed.

Yesterday, I took Motrin and Tylenol in the morning, then Naproxen in the early afternoon. But then nothing before bed, so that was great. If I don’t take anything before bed, it’ll just be one dose of Motrin and one dose of Tylenol today. That is excellent!

Both of my feet have been achy today. Things are moving and I’m the essence of wellness! One day soon my feet will feel better. My hands have been about a 2-3 all day- still a great improvement from where I was. My feet have been about a 3 maybe 3.5.

I am returning my $100 hand massager. It hasn’t helped my hands and sometimes seems to make them feel worse. I feel good about returning it. I also recently ordered hot/cold gloves that I’m returning. It has packs you take out and heat and freeze, but they are impossible for me to get back into the gloves when frozen- which completely defeat the purpose.

That’s it for my day 22 detox update. Hooray for continued progress ❤