The good has been, really good.

The bad has been, really bad.

This break has been a bit of everything…

It’s Friday, so I should stop talking like it’s over, because we still have nearly three full days left!

This break has been about the perfect mix of relaxation, play and productivity.

On Monday, I cleaned out all my top cupboards in the kitchen. The bottoms were already pretty organized, so it feels good to have a fully organized kitchen (with extra shelf space with all my purging).

Monday was my oldest’s 20th birthday. I had lots of time to clean because he spent the day with friends.

Do you like how they all dressed up for his birthday? You’ll never guess where they went to dressed like that.. I’ll give you a hint, they had to drive an hour and go out of state to get there!

Why in the world do we not have a single Waffle House in Michigan?

My kiddo’s favorite YouTube er, retweeted this pic and mentioned them on his show, The Breakfast Stream, so my boys were ecstatic 🤩 It’s all good, clean fun! 🙌🏻🎉

On Tuesday, I worked out hard and was sort of lazy the rest of the day. I can’t remember what I did to be productive, but think I did all the laundry.

On Wednesday, I went to my grandma’s house to visit her. I hadn’t seen her since the summer of 2021 at my son’s graduation party. I’ve been meaning to visit her since last summer, so I was so glad to have the time to see her. My dad, stepmom, uncle David and sister and her kids were there too. My dad ordered pizza and I had stopped at Kroger to get my grandma a small gift. While there I got a bowl of fruit and bag of milk chocolate to share. It was all yummy and all got eaten.

I brought the boys with me and on the way home we stopped at a game store (for my oldest- we were in a new town so he wanted to check it out), and then the dollar tree and a donut shop. The donut shop was 30 minutes from closing so we literally bought the last 12 donuts, so we didn’t get a choice in flavors- but they were SO good!

On Thursday I had a lunch and pedicure date with Peter’s mom, Andrea. We have become good friends over the past couple of years, and we haven’t hung out since the start of the school year. We’ve always enjoyed talking about teaching and school, but it’s different now that we’re teaching in the same district. That was extra fun, talking about happenings, gossip and people we both know or work with from the district. She was supposed to get married this summer, but told me she broke it off. He doesn’t have kids and he is a little too outspoken and opinionated for her taste (in regards to parenting). I was sad to hear this. I’ve never met him, but was so excited for her! I know though, that if it’s not right then it truly is for the best. I want her to find the most perfect guy- she deserves it out of anyone I know.

Now it’s Friday. I had high hopes for today. I wanted to visit Rumi’s bakery this morning, because they have gluten and dairy free donuts and I’ve wanted to try them forever.

I woke up at 4:30, which was fine because I felt awake, having slept a lot yesterday. I thought, cool I’ll get an early start. I did some Reiki during wall sits, and then meditated. Then I got incredibly sick feeling while trying to drink my coffee. I ended up having to turn off everything, I was so chilled and just slept on the couch till 8:00 am. I still don’t feel great and have a minor but nagging headache.

My little sister visited my big sister last night because she’s in Florida for the week. There was definitely drinking and my first thought this morning is that I have my little sister’s hangover! I know it seems far fetched, especially since she’s 1000s of miles away, and I haven’t drank in years, but we are super connected. Very often, we’ll discover that we had the same conversation with a family member the night before, or she think of calling me, and I’ll call her that same instant– it’s definitely weird but has been happening for a while now. I think we’ve had each other’s physical ailments before also.

The headache, the sick stomach from coffee, and then in general, awful chills…. it’s very reminiscent of how I felt after a night of drinking- so yeah, I’m a little hungover today 😭😭😭

While it feels like it’s ending, I keep reminding myself that we still have three days left! This weekend is kind of exciting too, because it’s Wrestlemania. The kids are having a few friends over, and while I don’t care so much for Wrestlemania (I will probably watch a little- it reminds me of when my kids were super young and it was always on on Monday and Friday nights- and that makes me feel warm and happy), I am super excited for all of the delicious snacks we’ll surely have.

So while all this sounds fun and great, it’s still been a sad week. Milo.

He’s gone. It’s cold, and pouring rain today. It’s simply awful to have someone you love just “out there,” missing. How do people go on after losing people, people who go missing and who are never found again? How can you ever stop looking? I guess you won’t.

I think after four months I stopped looking for him. But he came back. Will he come back this time? Will it be in one month? Five months? A year this time? More?

It makes me incredibly sad to think about. While he’s been sick, he hasn’t liked to be outside when it’s below freezing. The night he left it was mild, but we’ve had cold days since. To think of him out there, miserable in the cold makes me cry.

Some people have told me that maybe he left to go die. “They don’t want to hurt us,” they’d tell me. Maybe he left to go die.

Those aren’t exactly words of comfort, but do make me wonder.

The very worst part, is that we were so close to maybe finding answers- to maybe helping him get over this nasal problem and back to his normal mischievous self. Now I have to cancel his appointment, today. It’s not until next week, but I want to make sure that they have enough time to fill that slot. I hope someone on the waiting list gets to get in and save their pet. It’s the only silver lining to this dreadful situation.

So that’s Spring Break 2023 in a nutshell!


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