#1351 no alcohol

Life is moving fast right now. There’s never enough time. I miss the days of covid, or summertime, when I had hours to spend in the kitchen making food, juices and smoothies, almost daily. Plus the daily walks. Part of me likes the frenzied pace though- as long as I can make time for non-negotables, like working out, soul work/meditation, those types of things.

I walked today for the first time in a few weeks. I’ve been on a workout hiatus for about that long. My body needed a break. I’m gonna take it slow and if all goes well start training for that half in April (Carpe Diem at Proud Lake) shortly after the new year.

Work is insane. It’ll smooth over in the next couple of weeks, and it doesn’t help that I have a huge meeting on Monday with a difficult parent. And I have to facilitate 😲 It’s virtual, which is probably better than in-person, but seriously, I hate virtual meetings with parents.

The new classroom is going well so far (knocks on wood). I’m getting another student tomorrow and probably one more after next week. It’s more work than I anticipated, but once I get into a groove and don’t’ have a big meeting looming over to prepare for, it should feel easier. And I should clarify that I already know these kids, and already teach them it’s just going to be for a lot longer now.

The boozy cravings I had before Thanksgiving, oddly went away not long after the holiday. I bet it was underlying anxiety/stress related to the holiday. Even though I didn’t feel stressed, and planned a low key day, those little triggers are so freakin’ tricky! Thanksgiving turned out to be a nice day and I had a good time at his parents.

I have to remember this for Christmas though. I haven’t thought about drinking in a week or longer now, but I wonder if I’ll get triggered as the holiday approaches. I’ll be ready and waiting though. It should be a pretty low key holiday, at least.

Glad I didn’t cave- that would have made for a really sad holiday season, I think. I have been so busy, haven’t had a chance to think about drinking, but you never know when those tricky triggers are gonna show up. Holidays are prime time 😑

Stay safe and sober this holiday season! Reach out if you or a loved one are struggling ❤

2 thoughts on “Trigger Test

  1. Cravings are real, the holidays are a struggle and I am feeling all that too, including the work our hiatus (due to injury- yet another trigger). But yes kudos for us for not caving- NO MORE DAY 1’s as you so aptly put!

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