The Law of Attraction says you can attract anything, but living a joyful and fun existence is a big part of it. Happily go with the flow and your attraction skills can be as strong as a magnet.

You mean all you have to do is have fun? How hard can that be?

Well, apparently, if you’re a naturally born stick-in-the-mud like me, it can be rather difficult.

I’ve been doing the soul program, Gabby Bernstein’s “May Cause Miracles.” It’s been a great experience and I’m so close to finishing- with just one small exercise left. An exercise that’s had me stumped since last Friday. I don’t know how to have fun!

I faced my body issues, resentments, fear, and money issues- no problem. But it’s this one last page I’ve been unable to write in my accompanying journal.

How can I have more fun on my own and in everyday life?

How can I enjoy workouts and eating healthy food?

How can I bring more fun into my relationships?

How can I bring more fun into work? My place of making abundance.

How can I bring more fun to the world?

And why am I unable to answer any of these questions???

Play more practical jokes at work and/or home is all that I’ve been able to come up with. Maybe, be more spontaneous? Usually if something is sprung on me suddenly, I say that I can’t do it. This is something that usually comes from hubby. But, if a sister calls me and asks if I want to meet her at the mall in 20 minutes, my answer is almost always no to her also– or anyone else for that matter. Not always because I’m busy, but because of a reason I can’t think of. Maybe it’s just resistance, or laziness, or maybe I need mentally prepare when attempting to be social.

I’m not so good at just “going with the flow.” Maybe that’s why I don’t know how to have fun. What is even fun to me?

Time for a list:

Things that I truly enjoy doing:

Walking in the woods

Being around water on a hot sunny day

Creating things (painting, painted rock, witchy stuff, etc)

Writing when I’m in the groove

Morning routine of reading/meditating/writing

Working out/moving (unless I’m painful or feeling exhausted)

Dancing/singing alone

Having a lazy Friday or Saturday night with snacks, my bed and a good show to binge

I think this is a good start! These will help me. I was really stumped on the work question, but think that building routines into my (and my students’) day will help make work more fun.

Speaking of work, things are getting crazy.

We have many students who have very high needs this year & my administration is changing my room from a resource to a partially self-contained room. It means that I have longer blocks and overall see less kids but see them for longer.

Most of me is really happy about this. The very opposite thing happened to me after I started teaching 16 years ago. At two different schools, my self-contained room turned into a resource room. The students I had needed less support and did okay after transferring to general ed for most of their day. But these students are struggling big time, and hopefully this will help them gain new skills faster and more efficiently.

Another part of me is nervous. I do like teaching, especially when I can do it consistently, but these students can be challenging. I’m really going to have to think outside the box, like all day, everyday 😨

And I can’t forget to find a way to bring fun into it….


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