Day #1326

My cousin is getting married today at a Brewery up in Frankenmuth. There will be an open bar and plenty of avid drinkers. I can honestly say that I’m super excited to go to this wedding sober. I’m grateful that I don’t feel tempted or cheated that can’t drink, I mean don’t have to drink. I also can say that I’m SUPER excited for the food, LOL. There will be lots of great food, plus a snack bar that opens towards the end- it’s going to be so fulfilling 😁

I bought a dressy gown off Amazon and am excited to get all dressed up for a night out with hubby. No kids allowed, so it’ll just be the two of us.

Life right now is pretty fabulous!

This is great because I’ve been down since summertime. I even reached out to my therapist, who I haven’t talked to since January 2020. I told her I had been through health stuff and a new job and just couldn’t crawl out of the funk I was in. My appointment with her is tomorrow, but by now I’ve seemed to somehow get out of that depression- but figure it’ll be good to talk to her anyways.

I don’t know what all we’ll talk about- but I’ve been thinking about the last time I talked to her. I was so so stressed about a family party. She helped me put it into perspective- and I survived 😜

I’ve come a long way since then. Family parties no longer stress me out- I think she is going to be pleased with the growth I’ve made these past couple of years.

I’m still pretty light on the NSAIDS. I’ve been taking Motrin in the morning, otherwise I have general aches everywhere (hands/feet especially) and it’s hard to open things, etc. BUT, most or all the days since I last wrote two weeks ago and that’s been the only dose I’ve needed. SO much better than Motrin and Tylenol 4 times a day.

I’ve bumped up my Wellbutrin to twice a day. I thought it would help- and I think it has. Maybe this is why I’m feeling better. I hope to go back down to once a day, but with winter and the holidays coming, I’ll probably wait until spring or summer.

I’ve also started exercising more. I’ve been on the bike a few times this week and have gone for a couple walks. I’m not exactly running yet, but moving everyday is something I’ve missed and was probably contributing to my depression. Cardio is my therapy!

I’m on Day 37 out of 42 of the May Cause Miracles soul program. It’s been a great routine for me! I usually do it first thing, and in doing so I think my body has adapted and most days I wake up long before my alarm goes off. I’ve been familiar with most of the concepts- so much of it was review- but it’s always good to review and practice this stuff. Especially in today’s cranky ass world. Doing this program also probably helped my depression lift. I’m going to miss the morning routine of it, and will have to figure out a new routine.

That’s all I’ve got 😍😍

Happy Saturday everyone! ❤

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