It’s #Caturday and both cats are doing better since the last time I wrote.

Zoe seems to be healing up okay (I say this because it still looks pretty gross) and Milo was seen by a specialist.

It was very lucky that we got a consultation appointment. We were going to have to take him in through emergency-just to be able to see a veterinarian- but miraculously, my friend reached out to the clinic in Auburn Hills, where she takes her cat and knows the dr and technician and they happened to have a cancellation the next day- which was the very day that I planned to take off to take him to emergency.

They said he looked pretty good and felt comfortable waiting until 11/16 to do a scan. Then we’ll find out his prognosis. I’m hoping it’s just inflammation or polyps or a fungal infection- and not a growth. Already, the scan is very very expensive- and that doesn’t include whatever treatment he may need.

My health is still pretty good 🎉🎉🎉

I’ve taken less NSAIDs this week than I have in a long time- probably like a year. I’ve gotten in a couple walks and eager to start increasing my workouts.I’m thinking of that half marathon in April. I can’t wait and SO hope that I get to train for it and participate.

The name of the half is, Carpe Diem/Carpe Noctem, seize the day/seize the night. You can run it night or day- I chose daytime to run.

Outta my way, I got a carpe to diem today!

I saw the saying above and didn’t want to forget it, because I love the way it sounds and the meaning of it- I want to make a shirt of it, LOL.

I’m on around Day 23 of the May Cause Miracles book. I’m loving doing it before work, and try to set aside 20-30 minutes each morning. I think it makes my days more positive. I get irritated if I oversleep and feel rushed doing it or if I don’t have time to do it at all. I’m glad I’m finally doing it, I started in like 2019 and made it to week 3, but stopped and have been meaning to get back to it ever since. I plug in my grounding (earthing) mat and rest my feet on it while doing this. I’d like to think that this has helped my physical and emotional health improve, but who knows. I have my feet on it right now as I write, you can’t be too grounded, right??

This week’s work is relationships. It’s an excellent focus for me, and I should probably just plan on doing this week twice, lol.

That’s all I’ve got. It’s the weekend, and I’m so grateful that it’s not so busy like the last two. I’m actually going to try to get some lessons planned and do more organized teaching this week. Work has been going good, but one of my favorite students is moving and we just found out this week that yesterday was his last day.

He’s an awesome 2nd grader who has been telling me (and others) that he’s going to be going to a “forest school” since the beginning of the year. He loves rocks and has brought a couple into school. I wondered if he charges things like water and his rocks in the full moon, but didn’t ask him.

Yesterday was sad. I saw his group in the morning and we played a fun math game. I gave him one of my painted rocks (he was so excited 😊) and let him pick out a prize for his half full sticker chart. He came to my room twice in the afternoon to give me a hug and tell me bye again.

I felt down all night and knew that he was the reason why. Our connection was special and even though I only knew him for a short time, I will always have fond memories of the positive experiences I had with him the first few weeks at my new school when everything else seemed crazy and chaotic. He was more like my previous students than anyone else, which felt familiar and comfortable. He’s moving up north and will be closer to extended family, so that’s good, but he will be missed.

Ok, Bye for real this time. ❤

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