It’s Wednesday and this week has stunk– like a trash can full of maggots.

On Monday, I wore some new (and I thought comfy?) shoes to work, but they caused tendonitis or some sh** because Tuesday and Wednesday, walking has been unbearable. I also had a recheck with Dr. Jeff on Monday. It came at a good time, as my left calf started to get swollen over the weekend and again the back of my knee ached.

He pressed on my kidneys and my right one was a little tender, so he gave me some kidney medicine and one other thing to add onto what I’m taking. I did end Monday with a huge dose of optimism! He said too many NSAIDS is why probably my kidney is acting up, and I promised him I would cut down.

Cue Tuesday morning. At 4:00am I went to sleep on the couch. I could barely walk- so I took Motrin and then AGAIN before leaving for work around 8! I had four doses, plus Tylenol and also too much today. UGH.

My grandmother is currently in the hospital- in ICU with fluid in her heart or lungs (I’m still getting details). I’ve been meaning to visit her for over two years now (she lives 40 minutes away, I am so ashamed of this) and am just so sad. I hope she improves and is okay.

Milo, our cat, is breathing so heavy/loud. It started last week when we all had Covid. My oldest took him to the vet yesterday. They said it’s all in his head and gave him oral antibiotics. I hope they’re right- but feel like it might be something worse. His appetite has slowly decreased this week, and his breathing is just so loud.

Prayers would be so much appreciated, for my grandma, my cat and my foot too.

** Update ** I just came on here to say that it’s finally almost the end of the day. I feel ecstatic that I made it through this tough workday! Here’s hoping and praying for a better pain day tomorrow 🙏

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