For two and a half years, my brood has avoided the virus. We got it now.

My youngest tested himself on Friday night and was positive (he had cold symptoms and sat with a friend the day before who tested positive). My oldest tested himself on Sunday and was negative, tested again on Monday and was positive. I tested on Tuesday after work and was positive. Hubby hasn’t tested at all but is sick with fever/chills and now has a painful cough.

I feel happy to be off work for the rest of the week. I found out yesterday that I have to write an IEP for Monday (in my old district, it would have been done for me because it’s a new student- but my new district is a bit different and there’s a huge learning curve). I’m so thankful to have the time to dissect the psychologist’s report and scores, and learn the new system we’re now using for IEPs.

I feel happy to have my oldest here with us, because he works nearly every evening, and sometimes we go days without seeing each other at all. It’s nice to slow down for a minute.

Even Milo has a wheeze and congestion, hes getting lots of cuddles

Thats it, on day #1282. We are grateful 歹

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