It’s a day later, and yesterday I got everything I needed after I wrote my post. My new director called me to let me know that I was okay to start on Monday and she set me up with a text group of my new team, including my mentor who has been so supportive so far. I also got a call from the new hire lady, who also told me that I’m okay to start on Monday and that I can now set up my email account- but have to do it on the school’s network, so it’ll have to wait until Monday.

My previous job was also posted shortly after writing. I was worried that our numbers were too low and they would try to save money and not hire someone. That would be a ton of extra work for my work-mates, so that’s a relief!

I still have a few things to do to wrap up my old job- like sending their new teachers their information at a glance, and to put together sub plans in case they don’t hire someone before the start of the year. I’ll get it done, and not feeling too stressed about it. Also, I want to email my parents and let them know that I’m leaving, but should get my principal’s approval first, I suppose.

I feel so crazy, excited- totally nervous- all wrapped up in one big tornado funnel of emotions!

The new hire lady forwarded me the schedule for Monday. It starts with the entire district staff meeting at the high school. We do the same thing in Royal Oak on our first day-the entire district gets together and celebrates the start of the year. It’s always such a nerve wracking event, for someone who has a bit of social anxiety. It’s only going to be a zillion times worse this year, going into a new place with all new faces. I can’t even believe that’s gonna be my reality on Monday 😨

I’m going to keep taking deep breaths and keep being thankful that where I have to go is within walking distance from my house- and I don’t have to drive 35+ minutes to get there. I’m also going to keep reminding myself that change is necessary sometimes, and makes room for even bigger and better things.

Our vacation is going pretty good. We climbed a tower yesterday and saw a long ways. We drove through the smokey’s and stopped at numerous viewing areas and streams. At the house, I saw two bear cubs hours apart, but from a distance and they never made it near the house.

We had to walk uphill .5 miles to get to the tower. Overall, my body felt pretty good yesterday and my feet did awesome during the walk. We soaked in the hottub afterwards and again this morning. My whole body is a bit more achy today, so we just stayed home and relaxed all day.

Tomorrow I think we are going to go into town and hit the shops (there are a ton). I can’t believe we already leave in a few days, but that’s okay because I really miss the pets. And I’m a little eager to jump into this new job, lol.

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