It’s been a great mountain trip so far! The boys love the house. There are two spacious levels, and their rooms, along with a pool table, hot tub and mini wet bar are all downstairs. They’ve spent much of our time here “chillin” on that lower level. It’s nice to see them having fun and we’re feeling so grateful for this time together.

I’ve been feeling a huge amount of stress since arriving- all to do with starting a new job. We got here on Sunday, and I was afraid of what email’s I’d wake up to on Monday morning, as I had emailed in my resonation over the weekend. I’m feeling so paranoid- about everything. There was a discrepancy when I went to do my new hire paperwork, and I don’t even know what school I’m working at! When she called right after my interview, she offered me a job at Orchard Hills. The post-it note on “new hire” file said I’d be at Parkview. I don’t really care which one, but it’s unsettling to not know.

I’m also paranoid that my old district is going to come after me. I gave such short notice, surely they’ll sue me for all of last years wages..

And I expected my job to be posted right away– but it’s not.. Why haven’t they posted it? What’s going on? I fully expect them to call the news on me for a story about how educators are leaving poor kids for their own benefit.

I haven’t gotten my new work email set up yet, I’m waiting for someone to contact me- but with each passing day, I think that maybe I should read the new hire paperwork and see if I’m supposed to set it up. The lack of emails from the new job is unnerving, and I’m positive I’m missing important info about me having to be there this week- when in actuality, I can’t because I’m across the country. Surely my new director is going to demand I start work- and I’ll have to say no.

Then there’s the biggest fear- yet constantly looming over my head- it’s a mistake- they aren’t really going to hire you. Any day now they’re going to call and say, “Nevermind.”

Soooo.. lots of work anxiety going on here. Also worried about my physical health. I think I’ll be alright- but I don’t think I’m going to be able to hide my problems for long. Even just wearing compression gloves usually invites comments/questions. Oh well.

Other than that, it truly has been a great trip! My hubby recently got a new camera and is really enjoying playing with it here- especially with all the bears around here! Below are actual pictures from here of 3 cubs frolicking and then following their mom onto the neighbor’s pick-up truck. He’s getting some awesome pictures!

We had a pretty easy (8 hour) drive here. We arrived Sunday around 5pm and had lots of time to chill. Yesterday, our first full day, we went into the Smokey Mountain National Park and walked to a waterfall- it was cool. Then we ate Mexican food, then got groceries. We all splurged and spent way too much on groceries, but now will eat out less. We were going to walk around the little shops around here, but it cost $20 to park- so we thought we’d make a day out of it. We were only going to go into a few yesterday so it wasn’t worth it to park.

That’s about it. Nothing planned today except maybe going back to the park for a little bit. I’m glad the entire fam is on the same page and good with doing a whole lotta nothing this week! ☺️

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