No cleansing today, as I was out of supplies. It’s okay, I think with the edema (from exiting toxins?) a little break might be a good idea.

I got my cleansing supplies today, even lemons so for the first time I’ll be using fresh lemon juice for my lemon water- which I guess is important for those enzymes available only immediately (or at least within 24 hours) of juicing. I also got dragon fruit, which I need for the liver detox smoothie, so I think I’ll have that tomorrow as an afternoon pick-me-up.

After the overeating illegal foods over the weekend, my pain has been quite a bit better today. The swelling in my hands and feet have been minimal also- although I didn’t walk this morning. The morning walk has seemed make the swelling worse lately, so tomorrow will be the test- assuming I get my walk in.

Today was a very exciting day. I had my interview- which as it turns out was indeed for an elementary position- and within about an hour I was emailing my principal that I’ve accepted a position in my home district. They still need to check my references, but I asked them to wait for me to give him a heads-up first.

I thanked him for many things that he’s given me these past nine 8 years- and it was all honest. He replied with a congratulations and told me that my quality life would be better working two miles from home.

What a whirlwind day!

Back to the cleanse- day 31 (I think??) tomorrow 😊

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