Last night for the first time in many days, I woke up from shoulder pain. My shoulders have been weak (and sore if I try to workout with dumbells), but I haven’t had the night pain in probably 1-2 weeks (which has been wonderful!).

I had a boxed meal that contained small amounts of dairy, gluten and egg last night, and so I suspect this is why. It’s like a chicken helper type meal, and my family really liked it last time I made it- so I just didn’t even think about the ingredients when I bought it. I ate some thinking that it was just a small amount, and even made myself alternative squash noodles to go with it to avoid the gluten in the noodles.

There was gluten and egg in the breading I used to coat the chicken and milk and whey in the alfredo sauce it came with. It was a good meal and I didn’t have energy to make myself an alternative meal, so I ate it thinking that it was just a small amount. I will not be eating any leftovers today.

I’m feeling really optimistic about where I’m headed- but these next few weeks have been weighing on my mind.

On Sunday, I leave for a camping trip with my youngest and some friends. We’ll be bringing and making all of our meals, so it should be easy for me to keep my diet compliant. I will not be able to do the cleansing protocol though, so after day 27 (Sunday), I’ll have to pause this cleanse until Wednesday, where I’ll pick up on day 28.

Two days later, hubby and I leave for Chicago. We will be eating out the whole time (we may get our room bumped up to include a kitchenette, but probably will still be eating out mostly- worse case is no kitchen, but we still should have a fridge for snacks/easy stuff). I don’t think it’ll be too hard to stick with the diet, hopefully, but I’ll again miss two days of the cleanse.

A week after that, we leave for a trip to the mountains. We rented a house, and I think I’m going to bring my juicer and blender, so I can try to keep up with the cleanse, at least on most or even some of the days.

So the next few weeks are going to be a little sketchy..

I guess that’s life. And I go back to work a few days after the mountain trip- so that’ll be a whole new ball game 🤔

I don’t know what I’ll do without my daily naps… my lunch break may need to include more sleeping than eating, idk… I guess I’ll take it one day at a time.

I’m optimistic at how well I’ve been feeling up until this morning/last night. That’s pretty darn good motivation to stay on course. After Tylenol and Motrin at 7am after waking up, I’m feeling much better. I probably should have just gotten up and taken something last night but was too stubborn. I took a slow two mile walk this morning, it took a lot of motivation to get out the door– my dog’s puppy eyes helped ❤

Yesterday I had Motrin twice and Tylenol once, that’s pretty good for me. Also, I received some supplements I had on order, so I started Lemon Balm, L-lysine and Cucurmin/Turmeric yesterday.

I’m not planning on having a super busy day today. I’m hoping to get some plants moved outside and maybe grocery shop for my trip on Sunday. It’s currently about 11 and I’m about half-way done with my smoothie. Then I’ll get moving.

Happy FriYay!!! 🎉💖✨

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