It’s been a good day with more energy than usual, maybe because I slept in and didn’t workout- or maybe my body is less busy detoxing today, I’m not sure but I’ll take it!

Usually I have good energy up until lunch, then I crash. I’ll sleep like 30-60 minutes and wake up super groggy, and remain unenergetic up until bedtime. It’s frustrating because isn’t the point of a nap to re-energize? Today that actually happened, but again, maybe because I didn’t push myself so hard physically early in the day.

Since my “Change in Perspective” post, I’ve remained super optimistic. I recently joined some new groups on facebook made up of people on similar journeys and following Anthony William’s protocol. I’ve heard dozens of stories about people curing their RA, some who’ve had it for even longer than me.

I have no desire to identify as a person diagnosed with RA. While explaining this to people, I tell them that I’m healing myself to overcome some RA symptoms I have.

That’s what RA is, it’s a symptom- not a disease.

I keep thinking about the narrative when I was diagnosed over eight years ago.

“Your body is attacking itself. We don’t know why. It’s unkown. There’s no cure. You have to take medication or else your joints will become deformed. It’s progressive. Yes, you can die from the medication, but it’s your only option.”

Every single statement is utter bullshit. I know this sounds angry. I am not angry, I am incredibly relieved.

My body is not attacking itself. My body is defending itself, against a problem. I’m not positive what that problem is, but I have a pretty good idea– and with trial and error I will help my body defend itself, and rid myself of this problem, whether it’s an underlying virus, an imbalanced gut issue, heavy metal toxicity- or all of the above.

Eight years ago, I asked my rheumatologist if a change in diet would help my condition at all. “I’ve had some patients have success with cutting out sugar.” was her response.

What if she had suggested I look into an elimination diet? Even eight years ago, that was a fairly well-known way to improve symptoms. I know it because I researched and tried it, for a minute, and then my mom died suddenly and so did my drive to rid myself of the awful symptoms. I gave up. It would take all the way until this year to really put my heart and soul into it. It’s my fault- but I would have maybe been driven harder with support and confidence from the specialist who I considered the expert.

Up until recently, even doing the elimination diet, I thought of my symptoms as my body attacking itself. It was just after writing that post that my perspective is not that my body is attacking itself- but that it’s attacking a problem. A problem that I would have no idea how to address– if it weren’t for my own research and holistic and functional doctors.

This minor change in how I view my body and its symptoms is huge! And I think largely the reason why I’ve been so optimistic, even in severe pain.

I know that this healing will take time, lots of it. I thought that cutting out certain foods would bring me immediate relief, but I understand now that I need to undo years of illness, and I will. My body is f’in awesome and I’m now present to help it- not suppress it!

This is a huge fuck you to Western medicine. STOP telling your patients lies. I spent eight years as Miss. Diagnosed, and that was eight years too long! It’s time for the medical world to catch up with the truth of what’s going on. The sad truth is that funding is provided by the very companies that want to keep feeding us lies- like our body is at fault and they don’t know why.

And thank you body, for the good fight. Now that I’ve joined your side, we’ll fight this battle and together we will feel good again ‚̧

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