Woke up with really sore feet (4/5), and I hobbled around for a little while until the med kicked in. Took Motrin & Tylenol at 6am, right after getting up.

Despite painful feet, I took a 3.3 mile walk 🎉 and then did a 30 min Peloton workout on the bike. Counting both workouts, I did over 10 miles 🎉 It may have taken me almost 2 hours, but I was proud that I got it done.

I grounded outside and then took some returns back at the Amazon drop off place.

Now I’m ready for a nap, lol. My feet are starting to hurt quite a bit again and I’m debating on when and what pain meds to take. They’re really fine if I don’t walk on them, so I’ll probably wait till I wake up from my nap.

I think I know why they’re extra bad today. I had a late dinner at Wendy’s and had fries, baked potato and chili. Then I ate too many brownies (gluten and dairy free but high fat) before bed and ended up going to bed abruptly with a bad stomach ache. I’m sure eating all that crap contributed! I’ve been drinking caffeine too, about 3 cups yesterday and the day before. I’m going to try to do better- especially with the junk food.

My family is going to a movie at 8:30 tonight- so I’ll probably drink coffee beforehand so I can stay awake- maybe even take a cup inside 🤷🏼‍♀️

I have to drop my kiddo off at the airport tomorrow and am not looking forward to him leaving. He’s never been so far for so long, unless with immediate family, and I’m struggling with this. He is 19 for crying out loud! 🤦🏻‍♀️. He is diabetic though, and will always be my baby and while I’m not so much worried about him- I’m just mainly going to miss him so much.

******* Ok- naptime is over. I took 4 Motrin because, well, ouch. I slept for about an hour and then a few more minutes so hopefully I can stay awake during the movie tonight. Currently drinking chicory root slow roast, but going to turn it over to some caffeine later.

That’s about all for day 23.. no news is good news I guess 👌

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