They say it takes 45-50 days to detox from heavy metals- that means I could be about half-way there!!

Today was good. I felt useful. I babysat my nephew and took my niece and her boyfriend to the airport. I have to go back on Thursday to drop off my son.

I had a nightmare last night- which is super rare for me. A disturbed young man was rustling through my bedroom and cussing while he was looking for something. My son sold him a gun (he does not own one, no one in our house does) and he was pointing it at my head with crazy eyes. I told him to please stop and guns bother me, but he continued and I was pretty sure he was going to kill me. I think the dream was brought on about anxieties about my kiddo leaving for 10 days.

I didn’t sleep well last night, but not due to pain. I had a few cups of coffee yesterday, which might be the reason. I was bad about caffeine today too, but had a lot to do and was so groggy, even after a decent nap.

I didn’t eat perfect, but didn’t have any level one or level two foods (basically dairy, gluten, eggs, pork, tuna, soft drinks).

I took Motrin at 7am, and then Tylenol at 11am. Since I was debating on the first dose, I decided to just do Motrin, not the two. But I was getting a little achy all over after a few hours, so then I took Tylenol. Its now 9pm and I’ve had one dose of each. I’m not sure if I’ll take anything before bed.

Yesterday, I took Motrin and Tylenol in the morning, then Naproxen in the early afternoon. But then nothing before bed, so that was great. If I don’t take anything before bed, it’ll just be one dose of Motrin and one dose of Tylenol today. That is excellent!

Both of my feet have been achy today. Things are moving and I’m the essence of wellness! One day soon my feet will feel better. My hands have been about a 2-3 all day- still a great improvement from where I was. My feet have been about a 3 maybe 3.5.

I am returning my $100 hand massager. It hasn’t helped my hands and sometimes seems to make them feel worse. I feel good about returning it. I also recently ordered hot/cold gloves that I’m returning. It has packs you take out and heat and freeze, but they are impossible for me to get back into the gloves when frozen- which completely defeat the purpose.

That’s it for my day 22 detox update. Hooray for continued progress ❤

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