Another pretty great day 🎉

Motrin & Tylenol a couple hours after waking up and again before bed.

I was thinking of the times, not long ago that many days getting to my meds was the reason to get out of bed in the morning (I’d wake up so sore!) It’s been nice to not even need them right away.

It was a relaxing day spent recovering from my niece’s grad party yesterday. I took my normal slow hour long walk, but that was the most I exerted myself today.

I’ve been spending 20-30 minutes grounding (aka stretching, yoga poses, dancing & hugging trees- all in my bare feet) outside.

I’ve still been a little reluctant to go outside lately. I was super tired today and wanted to float on the pool while meditating and/or napping.

It didn’t start out well- and didn’t end well. I had a hard time blowing up the floaty- the pump and plug weren’t cooperating with my fingers- but I finally got it.

It was so hot, and I was dozing on and off listening to Wayne Dyer’s “I Am” meditation, when something made me look into the water.

I’ll just attach the text I sent after promptly exiting the pool:

Hubby wasn’t home so I was grateful my son offered to get it out without having to ask- poor mouse 🥹

I was done in there for the day, or maybe the week. I hate accidental animal deaths, no matter how tiny.

Afterwards, I tried to nap, grounded, made dinner & then watched tv with the fam.

It’s almost 9:00 & I’m ready to fall out!

I’m really ecstatic to be down to twice a day NSAIDs for 2 days in a row 🙌🏻

Looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings ❤️

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