Today was excellent!

Feeling generally sore all over, I took Motrin & Tylenol before bed last night. I hadn’t been taking it at night, but it was necessary. I’m still trying to peg the ‘fine’ line of not needing it vs. if I don’t take it the pain gets out of control. I’m getting better at this and feel like my body and mind are more in sync lately.

I woke up feeling pretty good in the hands (2) and about a 2 in my left foot.

I took cats claw and then did a 30 minute peloton workout. The only reason is that a girl in my group had her 600th ride so she was looking for people to join her. The time worked out good, it was taught by my favorite instructor and was an 80’s ride- which is a type of music that I like. Otherwise I would have not done a morning ride, and would have just walked. This is what I really love about peloton- you get to work out in the comfort of your own home but still get the community or gym feel.

Then I took a slow walk for about an hour. I was happy that by the end my foot felt the same- maybe even a little better than when I woke up. I covered over nine miles with both workouts 🎉

I did my cleanse when I got home and did end up taking Tylenol & Motrin around 11:00. I was starting to feel sore in more places and had my niece’s graduation party all day long.

I didn’t want to be tempted, so I went to the party loaded with ‘safe’ food.

I wasn’t going to go hungry at this party!

Now it’s after 9:00 and we are on our way home. No pain meds again, but I’m feeling my shoulder and arms getting achy. I may or may not take them before bed.

This is such a difference from the last family party at the beach a few weeks ago. Last time I skipped my morning pain meds and was sore for most of the day. I probably complained a lot to family that day, and I can’t tell you how good it felt today to tell those same family members how well I was doing now whenever they asked.

So yay!! I’m counting on another great day tomorrow 💖

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