This morning when I woke up to use the bathroom, I noticed my foot was inflamed.

My first thought was, things are moving, my body is healing, yay body, you’ve got this!

This is huge 🤗

So many negative thoughts and patterns that did not happen..

I didn’t get worried.

I didn’t feel mad, or even sad.

I didn’t reach over and take the NSAIDS on my nightstand.

I was grateful, and thanking my body- and it was automatic – which is the best part.

I have no idea what time it was (around the 3:00 hour, I imagine), but was able to get back to sleep- without stressing about taking meds (my hands were sore but not awful, and by foot felt fine if I didn’t walk on it).

I slept well until about 5:30 or 6:00, then got up. I think my foot would have been okay to walk on (sometimes it gets better as I use it), but thought it was a good opportunity to skip my morning walk and instead take my dog to daycare. He’s boarding there next month, and hasn’t been there at all since school let out, so it was good for him to go for a short day. I intend on doing a indoor bike workout today.

I fed the pets before taking him, and held off on NSAIDs- only taking Cat’s Claw for inflammation.

I came home and did my lemon water, then celery juice and finally made a double batch of the smoothie so I get another easy day tomorrow 🎉

It was a little tough driving and then managing my excited doggo at the center with how sore my hands were. Additionally, when I got home I was having extra trouble with opening doors and my oranges for the smoothie (I had to get my 13 year old- the only other person awake to help me with peeling the oranges 😊). So by 8:00 or so, I took Motrin and Tylenol- even though I really didn’t want to.

It’s been a very nurturing day. I had a delicious lunch with spinach, sprouts, a baked potato and honey mustard dressing all mixed together and raspberries on the side.

After lunch, I took a good nap. While eating lunch, hubby asked if I had any plans. “A nap.” was my response. I felt lazy and irresponsible-and he must’ve seen it in my face because he immediately followed it with, “Not that you need to do anything, I was just wondering.”

It was said in a kind and compassionate way, and I really really really just appreciate him during this time. I’m not sure that I could be that patient if my spouse was laying around all the time. He’s a good one 💕😍

I took about a 40 minute nap after lunch and kind of sore all over when I woke up, so I made some “anti-inflammatory” tea. I saved this recipe awhile back, but this is my first time making it. It’s okay tasting, not sweet but a lot spicy.

That’s it for now. It’s Friday, and I’m hoping to at least ground outside again today. I wanted to float in the pool, but it’s just not that hot, and not so fun to get in and out when you’re sore. I did some yoga and reiki while grounding yesterday and intend on doing the same today. I’ve been wanting to paint (canvas with acrylics) all week, but haven’t had the drive to get out everything yet. I would like to paint later, but we’ll see.

I’m a million percent okay with staying on the couch, if that’s what my body wants. I can always do reiki and visualizing from here 😉

I need to also make time to meditate! It’s been awhile, and it’s so important for my peace of mind, and ultimately my healing.

I guess I better drink up and get busy.

Happy Friday!! ❤️🎉☀️

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