Q- Newbie here. How do you “let it all go”!?
I’ve had some deeply hurtful and frustrating events w supposed friends and family happen in the last few yrs. I thought I let it go but it comes back as more hurt, frustration and resentment. I can’t confront the people for the hurt they continue to cause. For the sake of my peace and that of my loving wonderful husband and kids how do I let this crap go and keep it gone!
Is there a ritual or spell that may help me let it go for good?
I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t feel desperate and I don’t want to be lashing out at others in hurt.
Thank you!!

A- Not sure about a spell, but if you can learn to realize that EVERYTHING people do, are 1000% about themselves- have nothing to do with you- even when it seems like it has EVERYTHING to do with you, then you’ll be free from the stress it causes. Dealing with certain people SUCKS, but it is easier when you can separate yourself and not take things personally. Also, try to remember that the most difficult people in your life are here to teach you some important life lessons. That mentality also helps when dealing with the insane 💙

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