Weird things can happen when you create something that has intentions.  There are expected intentions, and then there are unexpected intentions and it’s the unexpected ones that make your head spin.

Last summer I wrote often about reading the Lotus and the Lily book.  I had many profound experiences as I worked through this 30 day program.  Books such as The Universe Has Your Back, and The Secret introduced me to the Law of Attraction theories and practices, but it was the Lotus and the Lily that REALLY accelerated and amplified my spirituality and made me believe that the world is a playground and it is up to me to make my desires and passions come alive.

I finished the book and created my mandala (which is similar to a vision board) shortly before school started.  After going back to work, my mandala sat on my shelf and I didn’t pay much attention to it.

My sister had been reading the book with me, but was a bit behind me.  She just finished her mandala yesterday.  I was so excited, because I wouldn’t show her mine until hers was done, so I could finally share mine and I was excited to see hers too. I  quickly sent her a photo.


Then I made some connections…

A month prior, I was picking up meds at the vet (the same one I used to work at for years and years).  Terri, my friend and awesome cat sitter, was checking me out and went into the back to get my meds.  The phone started ringing and I just had the biggest need out of nowhere to answer it, like I’ve answered it hundreds of times before.  But I didn’t know anyone else who was working, and they would think I was a crazy client if I just grabbed the phone, but it rang forever and I couldn’t stop it.

I didn’t think too much of this, until I was back last week.  Jules had a recheck for his toe (which looks GREAT) and I was checking out with him.  My old boss, who is like a mother figure to me, was taking a puppy who had surgery out to go potty. When she came back in, she saw me and jokingly asked if I could just help hold this puppy for her like old times.  I thought she was serious and nearly dropped my pooch and all of my belongings there in the lobby to go restrain a puppy.

That got me thinking.  Going back was always a thought in my head.  I always told them I’d come work in the summertime, when the kids are older– but it was always a faraway thought.  I suddenly had the desire to go back, like now.  Well, not right now, because quite frankly with work and the two classes I’m taking, I don’t have much spare time.  But come January, I will probably only have 1 class and could easily just volunteer one night a week.  I even brought it up to hubby- who was equally surprised as me.

Wouldn’t you know that I put a picture of me in full out VetSelect uniform holding a puppy onto my mandala? 

Silly mandala!  I put that picture on it because I want my long hair back and this was the only pic I could find with my long hair.  I just unintentionally found a passion of mine ❤

IMG_1190 (1)

Other aspects of my mandala are coming true too.

I chose Healthy for my ‘word’ because I wanted that to be my direction and focus for the next several months. I intend on doing this program again within the year and making another mandala, so I didn’t have a lot of pressure when making it (nothing being final).

I had another realization after texting a picture of me in my new glasses to my sisters.  I was joking because they are big and nerdy and I love them.  My older sister said that I look like an awkward teenager (big nerdy glasses and braces) and I told her that I call myself a chubby adolescent, especially when I was on pred.

There is a drastic difference in my health over the past few months

That got me looking at pictures and realizing that right now I am the healthiest I’ve ever been, both inside and outside.  Hmmmmm…

Lastly, I have some beach/rainforest pics on my project.  About a week ago, totally out of the blue, my dad invites me and my family on a caribbean cruise for August 2020.  Honestly, I’m not sure if we’ll go, the dates aren’t the best for us, and it is going to add up, especially with just going from a family of 4 to a family of 5.  But we did have a few days there where we were seriously considering jumping on board.  We might still go, we are unsure.  The thing is, about 17 years ago my hubby’s grandma left for a cruise totally healthy and ended up dying on it from the flu and/or pneumonia.  We are apprehensive about crowded cruise ships and being “stuck.”   So even though we might not go, or maybe I will just go on my own- but again I didn’t even connect this situation to my mandala but can’t help but think about it now.

I think I will keep my mandala off the shelf where I can’t see it and move it to a central widely seen location.  If this amount of magic is happening from it when I’m not even thinking about it, I can’t imagine the things that could happen if I actually look at it and visualize/pray/etc.

You can read about my spiritual kookiness and roll your eyes and think that I am crazy.  Or you can jump on board and partake in the magic. I am going to link the books I talked about below.  Start with any of them.  I love them all.  I don’t think you need to read them in the order that I did.  They are all different, but all are great.



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